My favorite thing about Substack is that it makes me feel like I've returned to those original blogging years... that sense of community, of friendship, of keeping up with and supporting the heck out of one another. (Remember when we used to feel so guilty if we hadn't posted in like, three days? Remember when so many people thought your actual name was Maggie Dammit? 😂 )

I absolutely cringe to think about The Almost Royal now -- I can't even -- but without you reading it from beginning to end, would we even be here today? I love you and I'm so proud of you and watching you inside this full circle is such a tremendous privilege and joy.

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Maggie, this book landing in my hands was a gift. I'm still thinking about the story, and I may even try to do a virtual book club (which is saying a lot because I do not do book clubs) to read (again) and discuss with others. As a woman who once had a very unhealthy relationship with alcohol and now has a son in recovery, that part of the story hits home.

Thank you for Still True.

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